Day 1 - Jeff Evans

Well since this is the first post of this, man i hate to say it blog, might as well start from square one. Yes I realize the redundancy considering I have an about page, but best place to start is with what you know so here it goes.

To be fair these images are not where it started, but its probably the oldest real photo I have taken that I still have.  Also as a side note, before you all judge my Hawaii selfie, this photo was taken when I was 16....that's 2005...pretty sure me and my Sprint flip phone didn't even know what a selfie was.  I actually took the photo this way to show my mom who is notorious for taking her time setting up family photos that I could take a picture on myself at a location much  quicker.  I digress however, I will bring up selfies and social media glamour shots another time.

Back to the task at hand, the origin story.  It actually began when I was much younger. I had a great aunt and uncle who would typically buy the family Christmas presents from telemarketers.  And one of the things all of us kids seemed to get every year was a camera.  Again these were from TV so I was not rocking Nikon and Canon as an 8 year old. but never the less I started snapping away and it was all downhill from there.

Eventually I progressed to the point where we went on vacation to Hawaii and my mom let me used her little point-and-shoot Canon Powershot (Sorry Nikon you were not my first love but i came around eventually).  On that trip I probably took 80 photos (hey, you trying not filling up an 80mb card!) but these were two of them.  Not to toot my own horn, but that waterfall came out damn well for a 16 year old who had no clue what he was doing.  I thought the same then so what became a fun distraction became a hobby.  

Taking it to the next level took a bit of actually learning, and this is actually the only real academic photography training I ever had, I took VISCOM in high school.  Woohoo get that easy fine art credit man! (On that note don't be a fool, Go Wazzu, more on that tangent at some point I'm sure).  This was my first intro to things like rule of thirds and leading lines, contrast, even developed my own film.  By now I was officially hooked, from then on it was a slow progression to being more involved and serious to perfecting the craft.  And yes it is still in progress because if you spend 10 mins on IG you will see I have plenty to learn.  

So here is to the first "post" and more to come. This will most likely covering everything from tutorials to product reviews, and stories to just strait rants. I am hoping to keep this are real and genuine as possible because a)it makes for a better read and b) real and genuine photography is the type I BY FAR most respect (again another topic for another day).  I hope you guys enjoy both my work and my words, but if you don't I'm going to keep doing it anyway because its what I enjoy.  And that is the real reason to get into this, or any business for that matter.  Keep taking shots everyone.