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Alright guys, so I'm doing this.  Ill be honest starting this is actually not a ploy to gain followers, fame, or fortune.  This blog is for me.  While I immensely love photography, I am incredibly distracted by the rest of life's events so I hope to use this as a way to keep focus and pushing forward with this endeavor. So as this is the first post, lets start with an intro.

This image above is where it all started, or at least where i began to take photography a bit more seriously.  I was 16 (holy hell its been that long?!) was on vacation with my family in Hawaii and we went to visit a botanical garden on Maui if i remember right. I was rocking a Canon Power Shot (sorry Nikon I didn't know better in my youth, I came around eventually) and I snapped this bad boy.  I saw the image on a screen about the size of camera sensors now and from then on I was hooked.  The photography bug was planted far earlier however.

Every other Christmas we would go to California to spend the holiday with my Dad's side of the family. Now my dad had an aunt and uncle that would buy gifts for all the kid's and one of the things they always bought us was a camera.  Now these were not fancy camera's, pretty much the only thing that separated them from disposables is I got the camera back after sending the film in to get developed. Oh yeah that's right, i may technically be a millennial but damn strait I know of the days before camera phones.   The point was I was snapping photos since I was about 8 years old.  I remember at 1 point they gave us kids a camera that actually had a flash on it and I was so incredibly excited.  So a hobby was born and after this photo above is when i decided I  wanted to hone my skills. 

I was high school when I took this and college plans were forming, and the dreaded Fine Art credit needed to be fulfilled....Welp, VisCom it was! This VisCom class is so far the only official education I have ever had for photography, everything else is self taught (Hooray to YouTube, Internet, and trial and error!). We spent about 3 weeks of the class on photography where is first heard of things like rule of thirds, leading lines, and depth of field.  We were given a roll of black and white film and told to go shoot and try a show examples of these concepts.  Even got to develop the film ourselves. Side note, I  am one of those against, or at least not a fan of super heavy editing.  However if you think film is the only pure form and Ansel Adams didn't do a bit of dodging  and burning think again.  I sure this is a topic I'll visit again so back to the matter at hand, memory lane. Anyway, this was the point where I was first introduced to the technical side of photography. From then to now it has been a slow progression to develop into the photographer I am today.

Well that is day one in the books.  Like I said I am really doing this to keep me focused and keep trying to develop my skills and business as a photographer.  So for now I will continue to just keep writing whatever comes to mind, but I promise that whatever I put down will be honest and up front. I don't aim to please or entertain, I am to be me.  Thanks guys, snap on.

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