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Well everyone, figured I'd give my first review.  Not sure how many will actually want to know but figured I would write it anyway. I will add that non of this is promoted, absolutely none of my gear I use is from someone to get me promote, I am nowhere near that cool. This is Just 1 honest photographer spouting at the mouth to try and keep his mind motivated....

So, the item is the  Huion Inspiory  1161 Pen tablet.  I have always thought that my post production was by far my weakest link and I figured the tablet was my next step in the progression of advancing my skill set.  A tablet offers more delicate control while also offering to potential of simplifying your work flow.  So how did the Huion stack up?

Well I must confess, it is my first tablet, but overall I have to say brilliantly, especially for the price point. I will not deny there were some hiccups but they we honestly minute in the grand scheme of things but I will definitely give all who are willing to listen more details.

So for this review any comparison with be in reference to the Wacom PTH 660 , as this would be the Huion's most comparable mainstream tablet. I should say I have never used a Wacom so all mf my data will be simply public technical data and not any official testing.   So lets get to the things I love about this tablet then we will go over some of its drawbacks.

First obvious point is price.  Only 80 dollars for the Huion while the wacom is over $300.  And its not as if you are losing a lot with the price.  The Huion has a bigger work space, more programable key (16 soft touch, 8 analog, a touch scroll vs. Wacom's 8 buttons and 1 roll wheel), has the same pen sensitivity levels and the pen does not require batteries.  It is also quite comfortable to hold which was a big concern of mine considering its my first tablet.  The amount of programable buttons is fantastic as well.  I have essentially my entire generic work flow programed on the tablet...with 4 buttons left over!  

As for drawing the tablet works great.  As I said earlier the pen was very comfortable so I was able to draw for an extended period no problem. Also as I said the pen has similar sensitivity to the Wacom  of over 8000 levels.  So very sensitive which allowed for a ton of control while doing my dodge and burn and my local photo edits.  It did take some getting used to transposing my computer screen to the tablet but I was able to get the hang of it fairly quickly.  So essentially I get all the features of a Wacom tablet at not even half the price.  So there has to be drawback somewhere right? Well there actually are a couple.

There are a couple small drawbacks to the Huion.  The first is the quality build. The tablet does feel a bit light and fragile.  Not sure how it compares to other tablets but does worry me about its durability.  The good thing is it will not be a travel tablet wo should not be subjected to very much wear and tear in the first place.  The other issue is the soft touch buttons.  They run along the top of the tablet, but are still in the work space of the tablet.  So how you tap the buttons decides whether it activates the function or not.  I'm still trying to get the proper sensitivity consistently.  The good news is the worst that happens if touched incorrectly is the menu button on Photoshop is tapped.  So while it is a nuisance it does not effect your work.  One last is the hot key mapping.  More that some of the functions do not appear to work as expected. For example making a pen button the Hand tool does not seem to actually activate that tool.  Luckily about 95% of the hotkeys I have REALLY needed all map perfectly so again I am faced with a minor inconvenience as apposed to an outright failure.

So basically I think this tablet is fantastic especially given the price and the few drawbacks it has are well over ruled by the positives. I am extremely satisfied with the Huion 1161 and think it is a great professional tablet and a near perfect first time tablet.

Build: 3  Function: 4 Ease of Use: 3 Price:5   Overall: 4

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